Worlds Prep Part 3

Alright so I’ve gotten a little of my swagger back, won a few games in a row and I’m feeling decent.  Right now I’m leaning towards 2 blues, a tala, a gold with r3-a2, btl and tlt and a proto with AT’s.  It’s a small variant of a list I had a lot of success with in wave 6.  I won’t go into all the details of why I like it cause there’s many but I’ll just say I feel like I’ve got a chance against most everything with it.  Rebel Swarms have always kind of been my bread and butter ever since I started playing the game really so I’ve certainly got experience with it.

I’ve also found out that the initial Swiss rounds for Worlds will be 8 freaking rounds!  I’ve never played more than 7 games in a day and even that was pretty rough, usually after 4 I’m ready to call it a day.  It will be a marathon.  So with 256 players that means only one will go undefeated, 7 will go 7-1 and 28 will go 6-2.  Of those 28 only 7 will get in, 1/4.  Not sure how I feel about that overall, with 7 rounds it was going to be 2 7-0’s get in and all of the 14 6-1’s were in as well.  Going 6-2 obviously is a lot easier than going 6-1, I feel pretty confident in my ability to go 6-2 but as far as making the top 25% for MOV that’s something else.  I think with the new rules for large ships and MOV I should be able to finish pretty high up, I’ve never been close to tabled with this list, almost every game I’ve lost has been very close.  Gonna play in a tournament tomorrow and run this, will provide update afterwards, winning it would be another good confidence boost but we’ll see.

3 thoughts on “Worlds Prep Part 3”

  1. I like this list a lot also – great firepower, 2 blockers, a stress dealer – I think it has potential to take on most builds
    One question though; why a Tala sqdn Z-95? Would it make sense to go for a Bandit Sqdn and use the 1pt elsewhere? e.g. tractor beam on a B-Wing? Or am I missing something in the drop from PS4 to 2?

    1. Keep in mind I designed this list leading into Worlds so there was no tractor beam at that time.

      As far as the last point goes I’ve put a lot of thought into it. A tractor beam’s not terrible but pretty situational, as would be a tracer and guidance chip on the Bandit. The PS 4 on the Tala has actually made a difference in a number of matches, though. That said, I probably will experiment with the two aforementioned variants in the upcoming weeks.

      Thanks for posting!

  2. Of course! Congrats in Worlds 2015 btw – you’re quite the youtube star
    What are your thoughts on dropping the A-wing to a Z-95 to get FCS for the B’s? I don’t like the Z’s dial and lack of boost, but my B’s just haven’t been getting the hits in on aces recently 🙁
    It seems like a well-rounded solid list that can take on most opponents, and I’m trying to finesse it for Toronto Regionals in a few weeks

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