3 Puzzles

I’ve had the pleasure of playing a number of great players a number of times in my time with X-Wing.  Here are three difficult situations I found myself in during a few of those games.

This was an ELO match I played against Phildo the week leading up to 2015 Worlds.  I still wasn’t completely sold on this Rebels list but thought I’d give it a go.  https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel%20Alliance&d=v4!s!44:-1,-1,-1,-1:-1:-1:;44:-1,-1,-1,-1:-1:-1:;32:72:-1:15:;9:135,-1,-1,69:21:-1:;65:-1:-1:-1:&sn=Unnamed%20Squadron

Here was Phil’s list https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Galactic%20Empire&d=v4!s!22:27,-1:23:3:U.124;28:18:5:1:M.15;76:36,40:-1:8:&sn=Unnamed%20Squadron

Basically a variant of Palp Aces.  Here’s the board after I believe turn 2 http://i.imgur.com/S24FFbX.png.


I went on to win the game which helped convince me to bring the list to World’s.  In round 4 I ran into a guy named Phillip Booth, he ended up doing alright, running crackglitter bots.  Here’s the board after turn 4 or 5 http://i.imgur.com/j4Oexg1.png.  Due to some ridiculous greens by Phillip, his 88’s are near untouched while I’m down a b-wing plus.  I do have 88B double stressed but am in a relatively meh position board wise as he can run to the Northeast and my slowpokes will have a tough time staying with him.


This was my top 4 match at the Tacoma Regionals against the eventual winner, Zach Bunn.  Zach was flying https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Galactic%20Empire&d=v4!s!22:27,73:23:3:U.124;164:18,73:27:15:;56:-1,-1,132,-1:-1:19:&sn=Unnamed%20Squadron.

This board placement isn’t exact but is pretty close if memory serves me http://i.imgur.com/H4PhEDv.png.  His Vader was probably a little farther back, it looks like here if my b’s and Vader 2 bank they’ll bump but I don’t recall that being the case during the game.

I’ve successfully double stressed an ace on the first turn of shooting as planned but he’s got a lot of outs.  If I 2 bank right the b-wings and Valen goes 5 fwd over the rock I miss all those shots and the double stress was for naught.  If he hard left one’s I’ll have some shots but they’ll mostly be at range three through a rock.


Please post your answers I’d like to see the responses.  I’ll publish the conclusions in a few days.  If you guess all three moves I ended up doing correctly then we’ll see about sending you a piece of candy.

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  1. Hey Blair, found your site really late. I play with Tyler and the other chicago burbs guys but Was out of the game for four months. Shame no one commented on these puzzles.

    I was always a rebel swarm guy but thought the meta didn’t allow the successors to BBBAA and so forth to exist. Wish you had more videos. Curious about formation flying and how to deal with faster ships.

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