Blair’s Phoenix Open Battle Report

I’ve never been big on doing these.  Don’t get me wrong I love reading other people’s but no one ever did a batrep on an 0-2 drop day and despite what some people might say, in my opinion, talking about beating other people is in some way showing them up and in a community with this many nice people that’s not something I’m into.  That said, this was a crazy event and featured some crazy games that I think some people could take something away from so screw it if I beat you and you’re reading this apologies in advance.

The list

Blue Squadron Pilot x2

Blue Squadron Escort

Tala Squadron Pilot

Rebel Scout – Cassian Andor, Moldy Crow

200 points at time of tournament

I haven’t had much time to get games in since Coruscant and there was a lot of stuff I was really wanting to try out but ultimately the call of the B-Wing proved once again to be too much to resist.  But of course, despite what some think, I don’t just throw darts at a board to choose my lists. Believe it or not there actually is some measure of reasoning behind the decisions, I went into a few of them in my last article.

B-Wings are great centerpieces in a list.  They’re tanky, they hit hard, and if you can overcome the challenge of their pedestrian dial then they can put in good work for ya.  I never liked running more than two though. Dee has talked in length before about the use of combined arms and I honestly think those concepts have been proven to be legitimate in X-Wing.  Most lists that have had success over the course of the game’s history have been more than a one trick pony. I’ve usually shied away from lists like tie swarm and 4bz because I felt like they had weaknesses that were tough to mask, I’ll delve further into this later.

Round 1 Matt Conti

4-LOM + Advanced Sensors + Zuckuss
Palob Godalhi + Trick Shot + 0-0-0 + Moldy Crow
Ahhav + Trick Shot
Captain Seevor + Trick Shot
Outer Rim Pioneer + Tactical Officer

This was a really cool and clever list that I would’ve been tempted to try out had it not been made 20 points over costed 2 days later, as you may imagine this will be a theme for my opponent’s lists.  

This is roughly the board state after his shots on the first big turn of shooting. I felt like I got about as good an opening engagement as I reasonably could’ve hoped for. I get blocks on everyone but the escape craft but still have a pretty good firing gallery to concentrate on his front ship and still got actions with everyone.  Well through all 4 shots I took there on Ahhav I only managed to do 1 face down damage. My X-Wing did manage to hit the escape craft for two but it would’ve really been nice to pick her off there and get up 5-4 early. It gets played out from here, and on the last turn it becomes clear my best shot at winning is to try get 4-lom to half. I get the last of his shields and begin to celebrate thinking I had done it when my opponent reminds me 2.0 G1-A’s have 5 hull FML.

Super demoralizing loss.  I felt like I had played well enough to win a tough match up and come out with a good start to the tournament only to lose it by 1 hp.  The only other regional/system open I’ve started out with a loss at was also the only one where I missed the cut. To boot, I really wasn’t super confident in my chances from the outset so I’m more or less resigned to my fate at this point but I’m not gonna give up just yet.

Round 2 Ron Olson

“Whisper” + Juke + Collision Detector + 0-0-0 + Stealth Device

“Duchess” + Juke + BT-1

“Echo” + Juke + Collision Detector + Darth Vader + Stealth Device

Named phantoms are always tricky.  Even with the changes to them in 2.0 they can still carry like few ships can and add in the ridiculousness of collision detector and Darth Vader it can make for a tough game.  I set up in my right corner and split my two b-wings and the other three up around the rock I cornered there. He comes in fast with Duchess and Whisper to try to catch them isolated but the other three are able to catch up fast enough and get Duchess in one round.  His greens on his phantom rolls then were pretty paltry and I end up taking it relatively easily.

Round 3 John Higginbottom

Drea Renthal + Dorsal Turret

Captain Seevor

Binayre Pirate x3

Jakku Gunrunner x2

I’m pretty sure Farmer did a Mynock daily discussion on this once.  How do you beat a list that out jousts you when you’re flying a jousting list.  Going back to what I said earlier, this is why I actually typically shy away from just straight jousting lists.  Having some diversity makes your list infinitely more dynamic and allows you to approach different match ups in different ways as opposed to only having one approach which is _joust_.  I set up opposite corner and send my x-wing up the board to begin exploring a potential flank. Real quick side note the ability to close s-foils was so valuable not only in this game but in others as well, being able to boost and get a focus in the same turn is incredible.  You sacrifice offense obviously but the board position you can gain from it is completely worth it.

This is planning start of round 5.  I don’t think my opponent expected me to close s-foils and flank so quickly with a ship that is typically just a vanilla jouster and because of it I was able to get a 3 dice, focused shot against a quad jumper that had no mods because of a barrel roll it had done to give Drea room.  I hit it for one then ended up how you see in the above picture the next turn. The quad spent focus on defense and seevor br’d to get a shot so with only the Drea reroll into my two defense with focus no damage is dealt to either of us this turn. Next turn the quad reverses hoping to catch the x-wing but can’t do it, a barrel roll gets me an arc dodge and a range one shot which deals another damage putting me up 2hp to 0 before our main forces have even fired a shot.  

As you can see from the picture my forces are much more concentrated as well. He has a rock obstructing his approach while mine is completely clear allowing me to focus fire much better. My z takes 2 and his number 4 takes 3. Next turn his 4 and 10 go for a block to set up the kill shot but the Tala leap frogs them both with a 4 fwd and scores a double block of his own on Drea and Seevor. Meanwhile my X-Wing has now achieved an ace’s dream as he has got in behind the bulk of the swarm and is just pummeling Drea, I think on the game he dished out a total of 12 damage and never took 1 himself.  He gets off two tractors throughout the course of the game but they were pretty easy to telegraph and end up being more or less inconsequential. All told I killed all but 1 z and 1 quad and give up half points on the Tala and my Blues.

Getting a resounding win against a top meta list gives me a confidence boost going into the break but I still can’t help but think about how brutal it was to lose that round 1 game in such a fashion.  Like I said I’ve never submarined like this before but I have seen Calen do it multiple times so I know it’s possible just gotta stay the course.

Round 4 Charles Baldon

Captain Jonus + Crack Shot + Proton Torpedoes

Colonel Jendon + Admiral Sloane

Maarek Stele + Marksmanship + Fire-Control System

Tomax Bren + Crack Shot + Proton Torpedoes

Bit of an Imperial jank props to him for going 4-2 with this on the day.  Anything with a big alpha is always terrifying for me as losing one of my 3 attack ships before they can fire is always a devastating start that is nigh impossible to come back from.  He decides to split up instead of straight joust and gets off both proton torps but against different targets. I lose the Tala to a direct hit and fall 1 hp shy of getting Tomax off the board.  I break off from him and am able to get 3 range 1 and a range 2 shot all with focus into the shuttle one rounding it. Next turn Tomax goes for a k-turn that is so close we end up rolling for it, it lands in my favor which is enough to swing the game and I’m able to close it out from there.

Round 5 Elijah Hillaker

“Whisper” + Juke + Darth Vader

“Echo” + Juke + Agent Kallus

Captain Kagi + Director Krennic + ST-321

Second game against the double named Phantoms.  This is the one game I get in each tournament where my opponent has never played anything remotely close to the jank I’ve brought and it works in my favor.  He’s not really sure how to approach or engage and allows me to catch his shuttle and throw heavy damage into it killing it without taking any damage in return.  He makes some clever moves but Cassian earns his money as I had expected him to in these match ups and I’m able to stay on Echo pretty consistently and knock him out before Whisper can get a kill of her own.

This is it.  I’ve battled my way back from the brink and stand on the precipitous of making the cut.  Gimme an easy god damn match up one time please. Wedge, Torkil, Soontir, anything that won’t blow a b-wing off the board before it fires.

Round 6 Bradley Payne

Dash Rendar + Trick Shot + Han Solo + Perceptive Copilot + Outrider

Roark Garnet + Squad Leader + Tactical Officer + Moldy Crow

I’d heard about this list but due to my hiatus had no idea how it worked before Calen explained it to me during the trip down.  I figure I’ll just approach it like I approach most kiting lists and hope to squeeze them towards a board edge until I can close range effectively.  From here on out I’ll explain this game by showing the round by round board state and my inner thoughts during them.

“Just try to herd his bitchass to the corner and we’ll pounce on him first chance we get.”

“Fucking bullshitass list can’t believe this shit’s legal…only hit Dash for one fucking shield fuck my life…ah well was a good run don’t be too hard on yourself…Why in the fuck did I bring these piece of shit B-Wings what in the fuck was I thinking…”

“Come on B-Wing hang in there buddy I always loved you…gotta go for a block on Dash here me thinks try to let that b-wing hide at range 1 of him…hopefully force Dash to at least shoot him twice so he can’t put damage into my z as well…

“You fuuuuucking worthless piece of shit B-Wing what in the fuck is wrong with you fucking 16% chance to die and you do me like that?!…You realize your squadmate is dead next turn because of your incompetence you’ve just cost us all a chance at the cut you fucking asshole



….wait a minute

That HWK’s off the board next turn……….

Is it?……..

I think he is…..oooh it’s close I don’t know let’s just stay on Dash for now and if he stops we can probably get our x-wing in there to block him off next round.”

“Holy fuck are you serious?!…what in the fuck was that shit I can’t fucking believe this…calm the fuck down it’s still not over gotta finish Dash…right right don’t celebrate yet stay on Dash gotta finish him.”

“Motherfucking Structural Damage bitch let’s fucking go!…I knew you were the right choice all the way B-Wings you were the fodder that allowed your squadmates to flourish and earn the glory I finally understand B-Wings!”

So yeah cool, calm and collected as always.  

For reals though my opponent was a pretty classy guy he admitted on several occasions his list interaction was dumb.  At the end of the day I don’t blame people for running what they think gives them the best chance to win not their fault it’s in the game but man is it frustrating in that moment to be bent over by something you know shouldn’t be legal and is gonna cost you a chance at the cut of a large event.

So made it to day 2.  This honestly may have been the toughest cut I ever made.  Had I known how good some of these lists I was gonna face were I honestly would’ve put some stronger consideration into running something else but the payoff was more than worth it.  This was probably my proudest X-Wing moment to date as I was standing there bragging to Lyle about my day who comes up to me but Paul Heaver himself and says, “congrats Blair that’s really impressive what you did.”

Me –

I’m laughing out loud as I write this my wife told me what a nerd I am for reacting like that but I don’t care I would’ve done it again that honestly meant the world to me he’s the greatest in every aspect and the reason I picked up B-Wings in the first place.

Day 2

So what’s my reward for making the cut?  Double trajectory simulator.

Round 7 Michael Beausoleil

“Deathrain” + Trajectory Simulator + Proton Torpedoes + Seismic Charges + Proton Bombs

“Redline” + Trajectory Simulator + Proton Torpedoes + Proton Bombs

Captain Kagi + Advanced Sensors + Ciena Ree + Ablative Plating + ST-321

This meta is just brutal.  This was actually one of the reasons I went back to B-Wings for the upteenth time I felt like if I ran into some trajectory bs they could stand up to it better than most of the generic jousters out there right now.  Approach seems straightforward enough don’t get flanked by Redline and try to limit the amount of damage you take from any bombs he does get off. I felt like I got a pretty good opening engagement only took 1 damage off the bomb he launched, got focus on my two blues and x and get my HWK to range 1.  Losing him sucked as he’s usually only taking roughly 3.5 damage there but I’m able to get Deathrain pretty low coming back. The whole game’s up on GSP’s youtube channel so just go check that out if you want a more detailed description.

Round 8 Andrew Oehler

“Redline” + Advanced Sensors + Proton Torpedoes

“Whisper” + Juke + Collision Detector + Darth Vader

“Deathrain” + Trajectory Simulator + Proton Torpedoes + Proton Bombs + Seismic Charges

Ah thanks X-Wing Gods match me up against a double punisher list two games in a row you really shouldn’t have.  Unfortunately for me lightning didn’t strike again this tournament and I got bounced. Didn’t really feel like there was much else I could’ve done everyone had actions and I didn’t take any damage from any bombs on the opening but two fully modded proton torps and a juke/focused shot from Whisper at range 3 alpha’d a B-Wing off before it could shoot.  Had it lived I think I may have had a shot but when your opponent’s playing with a 22 point advantage you pretty much have to hope for better dice or for them to fuck up royally and neither happened so that was the end of the run.

Overall I felt pretty ok with my play.  I’m pretty excited by the points changes and am ready to start diving into Hyperspace and seeing what fits my play style.  Thank you for reading and if you have any requests about what you’d like to see next feel free to let me know.