Biggest Winners and Losers From Wave 7/Raider

I already kinda did a post on this about Wave 7 but I’m going to take a look at the overall Meta here with some actual hard data via Sozin’s List Juggler

It’s funny how players winning big tournaments can change so many people’s perception of a ship.  My regional was two weeks after the one in Houston last year where Sable Gryphon won it with his Boba/IG88B list and there were about 4 of those at mine when I hadn’t seen them at any prior tournaments locally.  Taking a look at the T70 they were only in 3.7% of submitted tournament lists in October and November, to now in January and February where they’re at 9%+.  Sozin bets that about 85% of those T70’s are Poe and I’d have to agree, which I find very interesting cause most of the guys in the Aces league really didn’t think Poe was that great going into Worlds.  I personally actually did really like him but shy away from flying him now just cause he’s so damn popular people have tons of experience flying against him.

In my earlier review of Wave 7 I stated how the biggest winner from Wave 7 were turret carriers because of the Twin Laser Turret.  Last year the most popular pilot during store championship season was the Blue Squadron at about 15%.  It had stayed pretty to close to that sitting at about an average of 13% from January of ’15 up to the release of the Raider in June.  Now, though, with the advent of the TLT’s the Y-Wings have more or less taken their spot as the workhorse of the Rebellion.  They’ve been steadily dropping ever since its release but seem to be holding at about 5% right now.  Which still isn’t terrible but there’s certainly been a change in people’s minds about them.  The Y-Wings, on the other hand have seen a complete resurgence.  They were at about 3.3% on average for Rebel and S&V respectively during Wave 6.  Immediately following wave 7 the S&V Y’s shot up to about 8%.  Rebels, oddly didn’t skyrocket in the same manner but have been gaining steam since Worlds and are themselves at approx. 8% as of February.  I would most likely equate this to Paul winning with the Stresshog and telling everyone it’s a ship they have to have in their Rebel lists, damn you Paul!