Incomprehensive List of Best Rebel Options at Certain Point Values

This is a bit of a guide for beginner’s in list building but I thought I’d make an incomprehensive list of what I feel are the best options at certain point totals for single ships.  Going to do Rebels first then maybe Imperial if I feel like it, again please remember these are all my opinion I claim these to be factual in no way whatsoever.  As a disclaimer I should probably also mention I typically like to reach for efficiency as opposed to ships with tricks so I may be a bit biased in that sense.

12 points – Bandit

13 points – Tala |  Not a whole lot of options here but these are two solid ships, in my opinion.  It’s no coincidence the last two World champion lists have had these ships in them, they do solid work and can be an annoyance if ignored.  The Tala especially I feel is a great value only 13 points, you get over the most common ps ships, two, and don’t have to worry about getting crushed before firing by some Crackblacks.

14 points – Your only real option here is a Tala with a tracer round which I think is kinda meh so usually if I find myself with 14 points left I’ll go back and try to change what I have or just go with a Tala and keep the point for initiative bid if I feel it’s valuable.

15 points – Prototype with Chardaan or Bandit with one of three, three point missiles.  Prototype A-wings didn’t get a great deal of love even after the Chardaan was dropped but Nathan Eide taking it to the final match of World’s showed a lot of people it’s a good little ship when used correctly.  I myself have always loved my little A-wings but the Bandit here isn’t a bad choice now considering guidance chips are now out there.

16 points – Again, this number is a bit of a wash, could just upgrade your missile Bandit to a Tala or upgrade the missile to concussion or cluster but if you’re not a fan of ordinance still then I’d try to avoid this number.

17 points – Prototype with Autothrusters all the way.  I could shed a tear for this guy he was the MVP for me at Worlds no doubt and is just a pesky little ship when used right.

18 points – I don’t feel like there’s really much here that’s worth it.  Zeb, a Rebel Operative with Autoblaster or a naked Gold are really all there is that we haven’t discussed already.  Blount with Tracers is decent but that’s something you have to build your entire list around, not something you can just throw in with 18 points leftover so this is a number I usually try to avoid as well.

19 points – Still not much here, naked Cracken is probably the best I would say.   A Green Squad with juke or autothrusters or a Rebel Operative with Dorsal Turret probably fills out the rest.

20 points – Here is where our options start to open up a bit.  Blount with Ion Pulse or Advanced Homing Missiles is decent.  A green squad with either ptl or autothrusters and crackshot’s ok.  You could also run just a naked y-wing with r3-a2 if you want a little control or an autoblaster turret.  Naked Ezra’s also here albeit kinda meh.

21 points – The original Rebel mainstay Rookie Pilot comes in here at 21 points, as well as Sabine.  We have a Rebel Operative with an ion turret.  Our Green Squadron pilot slowly continues to get better as we can now give him ptl and crackshot or autothrusters and juke or lone wolf.    Me personally I reach for Blount with an ion pulse and deadeye.  Ezra with Nera or Crackshot is also a solid option here.

22 points – This is the first tier where we really get a lot of good options I feel like.  Obviously the first one that comes to mind, especially for me is your Blue Squadron Pilot.  I’d go to war with these dudes any day, didn’t regret for a second taking them to Worlds and usually build any new Rebel squad around one or more of them.  The Rookie with a 1 point droid and integrated astromech is another comparable option though I still feel like the BSP is better bang for your buck.  Hera also becomes available to us here though I still don’t feel like any of the attack shuttle pilots are worth it at this point.  A Rebel Operative with a Twin Laser Turret is a good choice if you want a turret instead of a jouster.  Our Green Squadron finally starts to get to what I feel is their near, if not optimal load out, with PTL and autothrusters.  Incredibly enough there are even more decent options at this spot but I feel like these are the best.

23 points – We really suffer from a drop off here.  More is available to us but I don’t think anything here is really worth more than what we could get at 22.  If you have b-wings you could toss a tractor beam on, I’ve yet to try that but for one point it’s not a throwaway.  Our options for Ezra and Sabine load outs are starting to increase.  Warden becomes available but naked I think it’s pretty meh.  For me, the best here is probably our Green Squad with PTL, AT’s and crackshot.

24 points – 24 is a pretty good number as well, lots of options here.  B-wings with fire control system, two Bandits, Gold with TLT are probably the most common.  Our T-70 is now available but, again I think the naked novice is pretty blah.

25 points – Our options are really expanding at this point.  I like Tarn with R7 and IA here the most.  Gemmer with PTL and AT’s is decent, as is Roark with a TLT.  Advanced Sensor Blues have fallen off a bit since Wave 3 but are still a decent option.  I’m not going to go into the attack shuttles really any more from here on out because I feel like they’re a bit of a special case in that you kinda have to build around them, as well as the fact that they are so customizable, but there are a lot of potentially good builds for them here in this range.

26 points – This is a very common/strong number as well for Rebels.  First option is always gonna be that 26 point stress hog.  I honestly was surprised so few people ran it at Worlds but now with Heaver saying every list needs to have it the usage of it has just exploded.  But there are still other options you have here, if your meta is more centered around generic ships and you feel like you don’t want or like control then I would recommend trying two Talas or Biggs with R4-D6 and Integrated Astromech.  I ran each of those in my first vassal league games and felt like they did real well.

27 points – This number’s actually a little weak, I don’t think there’s a whole lot here.  I’d probably just roll with a Proto and a Bandit but there’s also Hobbie with R3-A2 and IA.

28 points – Best option here hands down is Jake Farrell with PTL, AT’s and VI.  People say he doesn’t hit very hard but I ran him with 2 blues with fcs and 2 bandits a few times and found that if they ignored him I very easily could get into close range with him and land some focused/tl’d shots.  Like I said nothing else here really comes close but if you wanna go in a different direction you could roll with a Warden with Extra Munitions and Proximity Mines or if you don’t want bombs maybe a Red Squad Vet with Crackshot, R2 and IA.

29 points – Not a whole lot at this spot, a lot of ships become available but I’m not stoked on them just naked.  A Blue with HLC’s not bad, you could upgrade your Warden’s Prox Mine to a Conner Net if you want a little more control or just drop his bombs to give him a TLT.

30 points – A few guys would reach for double Protos here, I’m personally not a fan of two I think you’re not bringing enough firepower but it’s not a terrible option.  You could throw an intel agent on your Warden to help him set up his bombs.

31 points – There’s a couple of ok options here for one ships builds.  Wes with VI or Wedge with Crackshot and R2/IA are both decent.  Jan with a TLT becomes available.  Luke with Lone Wolf, R2 and IA isn’t bad either.

32 points – Hmm for 1 ship I don’t think there’s really anything here that’s super good outside of maybe some Attack Shuttle load outs.  I’d probably just reach for something at 12 and 20 or 13 and 19.

33 points – Best single ship here has gotta be our 28 point Jake but with Chardaan swapped for Prockets.  A fringer with intel agent and Anti-Pursuit Lasers is pretty fun but not ultra competitive.  The named T-70’s are all available but I still think they’re best with regeneration droids and we can’t really get those in yet.

34 points – For single ships my favorite here has gotta be Wedge with BB-8, PTL and IA.  Jan with TLT and any number of 3 point crew options is also pretty good.

35 points – Miranda with a TLT has gotta be the best single ship option here.  There are some other choices but I don’t really think anything compares in terms of pure efficiency.