Worlds Prep Part 3

Alright so I’ve gotten a little of my swagger back, won a few games in a row and I’m feeling decent.  Right now I’m leaning towards 2 blues, a tala, a gold with r3-a2, btl and tlt and a proto with AT’s.  It’s a small variant of a list I had a lot of success with in wave 6.  I won’t go into all the details of why I like it cause there’s many but I’ll just say I feel like I’ve got a chance against most everything with it.  Rebel Swarms have always kind of been my bread and butter ever since I started playing the game really so I’ve certainly got experience with it.

I’ve also found out that the initial Swiss rounds for Worlds will be 8 freaking rounds!  I’ve never played more than 7 games in a day and even that was pretty rough, usually after 4 I’m ready to call it a day.  It will be a marathon.  So with 256 players that means only one will go undefeated, 7 will go 7-1 and 28 will go 6-2.  Of those 28 only 7 will get in, 1/4.  Not sure how I feel about that overall, with 7 rounds it was going to be 2 7-0’s get in and all of the 14 6-1’s were in as well.  Going 6-2 obviously is a lot easier than going 6-1, I feel pretty confident in my ability to go 6-2 but as far as making the top 25% for MOV that’s something else.  I think with the new rules for large ships and MOV I should be able to finish pretty high up, I’ve never been close to tabled with this list, almost every game I’ve lost has been very close.  Gonna play in a tournament tomorrow and run this, will provide update afterwards, winning it would be another good confidence boost but we’ll see.

X-Wing Blog Part 2: Worlds Prep

Hi everyone thank you again for reading.  As I write this there’s about 2.5 weeks to go to Worlds.  I was extremely confident at the time I made my last post in which I discussed potential builds I would run in Season 2 of the TC Aces league.  I honestly haven’t even bothered proof reading that post, I know it wasn’t even finished so I almost deleted it but then I thought it would be a good lesson in humility to just post it.  Humility? You might ask, motherfucker you cocky as shit in that post.  Yes, true I was, but looking back now I am able to realize how over the top arrogant I was and decided that in leaving it up it would always be there as another reminder to try to keep myself grounded and humble.

That said, I had some good reason to have arrogance at that time.  I went 4-1 last season in the Aces league, and to be perfectly honest my overall record throughout the second half of wave 5 and all of wave 6 was probably something like 115-25.  A lot of those lists I mentioned I honestly made up only after playing like one game with them and felt good playing them against most anything, I had a pretty good handle on the meta.  That has now changed.  It’s crazy how suddenly it’s shifted in that b-wings, once the work horse of the Rebellion, have taken a huge step backward.  They’re still solid against most but I just feel like they have a very tough time keeping up with tlt Y-Wings.  The Y-Wings can just run and run and the b-wings have no shot to try and dodge or close the distance.  I’m not going to get into the whole discussion of TLT and are they broken/take no skill to fly/etc. but I’ll just say I have been struggling against them.  A lot of games I’ve played against them in which I’ve felt like I’ve out flown my opponent, games that I feel like would’ve been wins in wave 5/6 have ended up going south for me.  Going 0-2 in the Galactic Cup were probably the worst two losses out of them all.  Apart from one mistake I made in the first game I really felt like I played well and just wasn’t able to overcome what seemed like an uphill battle the entire game.  Now, both games were pretty close, I feel like there were situations in which had I had a theoretical 1-time palpatine ability each game most likely would’ve gone in my favor, but that’s completely hypothetical and there’s just no sense in dwelling on all that.

So that brings me to the present day.  Admittedly, I am completely all over the place in what to bring.  How could it come to this that with 2 and a half weeks to go to Worlds my confidence is lower than it’s been in over a year.  I have a lot of builds that I feel like I could bring and go something like 4-3 with but 4-3 is not the goal.  I’m committed to not bringing any sort of 360 anything myself.  I feel like Autothrusters or Sensor Jammer is an absolute must, and am leaning towards Autothrusters since they’re naturally great against the plethora of 360 ships I’ll see.  Sensor Jammer is fun because it’s something players don’t see often and I tend to lean more towards things that are a little less popular.  Call me insane but Whisper is probably in the lead for me right now, I won’t say exactly what with her since I’m still experimenting with that but she is calling to me.

I consider myself so very fortunate to be able to collaborate with so many other brilliant minds who allow me to take a peak into theirs.  Making the cut will be quite the longshot but if I do, as is the goal, I will have many people to thank.

Thank you for reading, I’m hoping to have some more content in before or potentially even during Worlds but we shall see.

Blair’s X-Wing Blog

What up yall, I’m breaking out my whacky alter ego to talk to you about some X-Wing stuff, namely the squads I’m bringing to the Team Covenant Aces league and why.

Not sure what exactly everyone else has planned, I know Doug Kinney is planning on bringing mostly bombs into his lists.  I have a few ideas but mainly I think I’m gonna center my lists around a couple mainstays of the Rebellion Fleet.  Two quotes from two time World Champ Paul Heaver will help explain why.

This was an article Paul wrote for FFG talking about the meta heading into wave 6 and how S&V may affect it.  He says, “As each new wave is released, I try to figure out how the new cards will fit into the current meta game. I currently classify most ships into three “pillars”, as I call them: Turrets…., Jousters….., and Arc-dodgers.”

Arc-dodgers have seen a lot of success but for me, currently anyway, I tend to shy away from Fel as I feel there’s just too much hate against him.  If you play in a large tournament you may go 5-2 in Swiss running a Fel/Chiraneau list but eventually you’re gonna run into something like Patrol Leader w/ gunner and Vader + 4 Obsidians and there’s basically no way to win that.  There were tons of hard Fel counters at my regionals and there were 2 match ups for sure I know I would’ve lost had I brought him.  Now, that is subject to change with the Raider and Wave 7 hitting, Vader is a bit beefier and will hold up better against lists like the aforementioned but there are other things that will always present problems for those PS 9 aces.  The YV-666 for example is gonna be a nice ace-hunter I think.  Something like Gunner, Bossk, Tactician can go with any of the pilots other than Bossk and present a tough challenge for an ace with 180 degrees of arc to dodge.

Turrets are always good if flown wisely.  Most of my ELO wins came from running Corran/Dash but I’ve felt like with the amount of turrets seen in competitive play I’ve been more inclined lately to run some jousters to counter them.  I’ve also shied away from turrets a bit ever since auto-thrusters were released.

The next quote from Paul isn’t verbatim but I remember reading in his 2013 Worlds report about how he felt like B-Wings were a pretty good value compared to the other ships in the game at the time.  This has held true even up till now, the blue squadron remains the most popular ship for tournament goes according to MajorJuggler.  They were one of the first ships I ran competitively and they’ve just had a soft spot in my heart ever since.  Like I said much of my success in competitive play has been from running the same Corran/Dash list but if I’m not rolling with that I’m usually going with some combination of b-wings and or bandits with maybe something else to fit in.  Below is a list of builds I’ve come up with/had some success with that I’m thinking about flying in the league.

This was a fun little list I ran in the last store championship tournament I played in.  Lots of jousting strength with the bandits and blues and like PS so I can move in whichever order I please.  Jake’s sort of a mini-ace, particularly without the prockets.  I went 6-1 at this tournament and beat Dallas in Season 1, albeit he was running a list I know he’d never take to a competitive event, but I shy away from this now as I feel that any list with a 9 you need to punt at least a point to give you a chance for initiative.

I actually ran this list at the previous store championship I attended and did pretty well going 4-0 before dropping.  Basically just the same thing but instead of Jake I have Blount who isn’t an Ace but is terrifying to them and then I just throw in another Tala.

$10 if you get the reference.  This is just something that I thought up haven’t