Halfway Mark

So you may have noticed I haven’t been updating nearly as much this season, part of it is because we’ve been a much worse team and it’s not as fun to talk about losing over and over again as it is when you actually win some games.  And this last game was probably the most brutal loss I’ve experienced as a coach I’ll get to it in a bit.

As far as player development goes.  Erann has really been coming along he’s probably the frontrunner for most improved thus far.  His rebounding is getting better every game and his effort overall has really improved.  His shot selection continues to get better, he’s prone to chucking up garbage but it is getting better.

Kindred’s been doing alright, he needs to continue to work on his strength, he has good shooting fundamentals but he struggles in games and I think part of it is because he has trouble getting his balance and legs when he’s been running a lot.

Ethan started out the season slow but he’s had a nice last two games, his shot is finally starting to show a little improvement but still got a ways to go.

Brady’s been pretty solid, he hasn’t quite provided the scoring punch that I’ve wanted as he’s been more keen to just stand out at the three point line as opposed to getting into the key and mixing it up but he’s still probably our leading scorer at this point.  He played through a sprained ankle last game which was good.

Isaac has been slowly developing as well.  It’s pretty clear no one has bothered to teach him anything up to this point so he’s still got a long ways to go but he had about 4/5 rebounds in only 10 or so minutes last game.

Logan is pretty much a lost cause.  Jason and I have been doing what we can but he just struggles so mightily in even the simplest of things such as catching a ball or making a layup.  He’s basically been a total non-factor in every game we’ve played he maybe has 3 rebounds through the season and has yet to score or register a steal or block.  He’s a great kid but I think it might be time for him to look to something else for exercise after this season.

Alex was doing alright but he fractured his foot so he’s out for the rest of the season.  Came to the game Saturday, though so that was good on him.

Anthony’s been doing well.  Still trying to coax him off that three point line and into the paint but he’s been rebounding well and giving good effort.  Along with the long range shot selection he needs to cut back a bit on his aggressiveness defensively and play a little smarter he’s leading our team in fouls up to this point.

Luke has also been coming along decently.  His shot is way too damn flat and really needs some work but he’s starting to figure out he can get to the rim fairly consistently and be a pretty disruptive defender due to his athleticism.  Like Anthony, needs to work on not being so prone to fouling and improve his discipline overall, as evidenced by our last game.


So we’re 0-6 going into last game.  Alex was out because of his foot and Anthony’s parents didn’t let him play cause he got in a fight so we only have 7 counting Brady and his sprained ankle.  La Conner has 3 little gyms all in the same relative area but only 2 of them have signs and there is construction everywhere.  So 4 players and I are scrambling around trying to find it and we didn’t get there till 2 minutes to tip off.  So only 3 of our guys got any significant warmup time and the rest were completely cold which I really think affected us because no one hit a jumper all game except Luke who banked in 1 three.

It’s a close game the whole way, no team led by more than 4 till the end.  We were trying to press but we hadn’t practiced it much so it didn’t really do a whole lot for us.  Our zone defenses were pretty good and we did a good job of cutting down on turnovers.  Only real thing that we could’ve done better was shoot the damn ball we were about 1-12 on jump shots and only made like 40% of our free throws.  So 45 seconds to go in the game we’re down 1 they have the ball and call time.  I say we need a steal or a foul.  So of course Luke decides to straight body check their ball handler, draws an intentional foul, they get 2 points and the ball, then make both free throws after we have to foul again and win by 5.  So we’ll have to discuss what it means to keep your composure at this next practice to ensure something like that doesn’t happen again, but at least they learned a valuable lesson that all it takes is 1 boneheaded play and all your hard work can be thrown away.