Season 4

So I know I kind of left you all with a cliffhanger at the end of last season but that’s because we came up short in the playoffs and I just didn’t want to write about it.  All the shots we had made when we needed to during the regular season just weren’t dropping, Isaiah and Carter, our two leading scorers all year had maybe 5 points between them in the last game.  I don’t mean to call them out as they had carried us all year but it was just a tough end to an otherwise real good season.  We still went 7-5 overall which is pretty damn good for a Woolley team but it would’ve been nice to have gone all the way.


But enough about last year time to move onto this season.  I actually knew everyone on my team other than two guys as I had either coached them last year or the year before.   So going in I was really hoping two of the unknowns would be guards as I knew only 2 of the other 7 were.  As fate would have it though, they’re both big guys.  That’s the thing that really sucks about coaching SWISH, not necessarily that you coach the lower level players but that the AAU coaches get their pick of the litter and then you get stuck with these randomass rosters that consist of 2 guards and 7 front court players and have to try to make do with it.  Ethan will be fine running point for us in all aspects but I don’t think Kindred can handle it athletically so I have to try to figure out something for when Ethan’s on the bench.  One guy, Luke, is athletic enough to be able to play wing but he’s not much of an outside shooter, the other 6 guys are really all just post players.  One of them, Brady, is actually a pretty good shooter and pretty skilled all around, 3 of them aren’t terrible shooters but the other 2 are complete non threats.  So I know it seems like I say this every year but outside shooting is really gonna be an issue, having at least one real good shooter would be a godsend but we’ll make do.  It’s still a fairly solid group outside of 2 of the guys.  One of them I coached my first year and it was a struggle for him.  I was  honestly amazed he was still playing as he really didn’t seem to enjoy it at all and he would get hurt almost every practice.  Every kid should be afforded an opportunity but it’s just hard when he’s so far behind everyone else in so many aspects.  It’s gonna be hard to make big runs with the two of them on the floor.  I know I’ve always said you shouldn’t be worried about winning as a first priority until you’re coaching at the high school varsity level but at the same time your best players are the ones that put in the most work during the off season and if a game is close I believe you should give them a chance to try and win it.

Two years ago we completely sucked and didn’t win a game, a lot of stuff factored into that but a big thing was that we were absolutely horrid in transition.  Offensively because we had few athletic players who could finish well and defensively because we were lazy as crap.  Jason and I set the tone from this first practice that we’re not gonna tolerate lack of hustling.  We still probably won’t be a big transition offensive team as Ethan is really the only guy that can take advantage of those situations but there’s no way we’re gonna allow teams to just run over us like they did in the past.  So after doing some lines and some shooting and finishing drills we broke into a 3 on 3 rebounding and shooting drill.  Rebounding was likewise something we didn’t practice much in the past and was therefore something we weren’t great at.  We were good enough last year since we had Alex who was just a naturally relentless rebounder but this year we’re gonna make sure everyone understands the need to box out and finish every defensive possession.  We might not be the most talented team but I’ll be god damned if we’re gonna let anyone outwork us this season.