Elongated Update

So I know it’s been a couple weeks since I last blogged the two of you reading this must’ve been absolutely dying for an update. Our 6th game we played Oak Harbor and had a rough time. They took it to us they got into the paint a lot and posted up a lot of different players, kept us off balance and just no one could ever get themselves going offensively.

Next game we played Anacortes and it was an extremely close game no team led by more than 4 the entire time. They kept killing us over and over again on backdoor cuts which was driving Jason and I absolutely crazy so we worked on that the next week at practice. We couldn’t make any free throws worth a damn but the team was fouling us so much we got into the bonus 2/3 the way into the 3rd quarter and were able to at least convert some of them. The game was very physical a lot of our guys were getting knocked down and Jason was actually about to say something to one of their players but I pulled him down. They were down like 4 with 3 minutes to go and began trapping with their press and gave us a lot of problems with it we couldn’t score and turned it over twice. They had the ball side out with like 15 seconds to go, got a shot off missed it, one of their guys got the rebound right above the free throw line and threw up a 2-handed puke of a shot that literally hit the rim 5-6 times before bouncing in as the buzzer sounded. So we went into OT and got to a 3 point lead with like 5 seconds to go in the game their ball on our end. I said for the love of god no one foul if you foul you got suicides all week and they got a shot off at half court but they missed it.

Our 8th game was against Marysville, who was tied with us for 3rd in the division. Hayden isn’t really a great shooter but he’s really found his niche on our team as being a big time defensive stopper. He’s still got some work to do but he’s quick and he’s physical and if he has the will to work at it he could be a real good one. Kindred started on their point but they kept running a bunch of ISO’s from the top of the key and were getting some penetration so I called a timeout and put Hayden on him and he did a real good job shutting him down. Isaiah hit two threes in the first half but then he had a bad collision with another kid and sat down with a bloody tooth. He came back though, and played the entire second half scoring another 6 or 8 points. It was a great team effort though, I think it was the first game where everyone scored and it was a great game it was close the whole way but we held on for a 29-24 victory.

Our last game and last of the regular season was against Friday Harbor. They hadn’t won all year and a part of me wanted to let them as I know how brutal that is but you can’t really tell your players to throw a game. They hit some nice shots and were well coached but they just didn’t have the size to control their defensive backboard Alex had about 8 offensive rebounds himself.

In practice we’ve just really been working on a lot of fundamental stuff. Like I said to work on back-cuts we did a scrimmage where only give and goes and back-doors were allowed. I’ve felt like we haven’t been as good as we can be in terms of perimeter defense so we’ve been doing a lot of quickness and agility drills. I was absent one practice, get off my ass it was the first one of the year, and Jason taught them a 1-2-2. We threw in a little wrinkle where we trap the corner every time and they ran it alright against Friday Harbor, good enough that I think we can maybe go to it in the tournament but we’ll work on it some more this week.