4th/5th games

Practice we haven’t really been working on too many new things. After La Conner killed us in rebounds our third game we worked on boxing out and talked about our rebounding philosophy and I think it worked. Our 4th game the other team was considerably smaller than us but the 5th game the team was about equal in size to us and we thoroughly out rebounded them. Cody and Alex, our two post players, in particular had great games they probably had 15-17 rebounds between the two of them.

We were still having trouble with defending baseline out of bounds plays too so we worked on that and I felt like we did a lot better job these last two games.

The 4th game our opponent was small and not very talented so we handled them pretty easily. 5th game the team was decent, we came out kinda slow to start and our defense was pretty atrocious, no talking and lots of losing our guys. They were up 18-9 at half, third quarter we made up some of the deficit but the defense was still bad. I asked the guys going into the fourth if they wanted to go 2-3 not only cause our man to man was crap but maybe to throw them a different look too but they wanted to stay with our man to man so we did. Thankfully they decided to turn it up in the 4th and we really put the clamps on their offense. Carter had like 7 points in the quarter including a huge 3 with about 90 seconds to go. I’ve been in some close games as a coach but never have one of my teams came back from being down like that to win a close one so it was pretty exhilarating.

I’m still concerned about the poor defense so we’ll have to work on that this week. Other than that though, we played pretty well our spacing is still not very good, corner guys aren’t getting low enough so I’ll have to think of a way to work on that too.